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We present bark bedding sets made of high-quality materials. We offer a wide selection of sets thanks to an extensive range of colors and patterns.

Cotton linen

We present a set of bark bedding made of high-quality materials. It is a material distinguished by a concave-convex texture, while its specificity prevents creasing and allows you to maintain an attractive appearance without ironing.

Thanks to such properties, it is an extremely practical solution that many people reach for. Its versatility is very popular and appreciated because bark bedding sets work well all year round, except for frosty nights. Thanks to an extensive range of colors and patterns, you can easily choose the best set of bark bedding for you.





100% Cotton
70% cotton + 30% polyester
100% polyester



90/120 cm
110/140 cm
140/200 cm
160/200 cm
180/200 cm
220/200 cm

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Especially the properties

Especially the properties of this material will be appreciated by adults who want to enjoy a comfortable sleep, as well as an appropriate stylistic fit of the bedding to their interior. It is very important from the point of view of a potential seller who wants to expand his offer and gain new customers.


The bark bedding sets presented below are very delicate, and visually they offer interesting, modern design, which also influences the elegance of the rooms. The material’s durability ensures long-term use of the set while maintaining its functional and visual values.


Depending on the needs and individual predispositions of wholesale customers, the manufacturer of bedding sets offers a very wide selection in terms of size, which ranges from the smallest ones for a single bed, i.e. 90/120 cm, to 220/200 cm bark bedding sets, which are perfectly they fit perfectly as duvets and pillows in private homes and even in luxurious hotel apartments.

Machine washable linen without ironing

Bark bedding sets can be washed in the washing machine and use ordinary powders and liquids. Moreover, the manufacturer of bedding provides a low and attractive in terms of price offer, which affects the imposition of a higher margin by the seller, thus obtaining a better profit at a still low cost for end consumers.


The manufacturer of bedding, i.e. our company, has many years of experience in the market servicing business contractors, thanks to which each order reaches partners efficiently and quickly.

Designs for everyone

All sizes are universal and can be used by individual customers, among whom you can find their end consumers and business partners who provide accommodation services in various temporary accommodation facilities.


The manufacturer of bedding sets offers a simple and cheap product to clean, which does not lose its color intensity under the influence of washing.


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